Interlocking pavers at Alfa Trading comes in different style as per your need for indoors and outdoors with multitude of color possibilities. They hold high life expectancy. All our products are manufactured and specially designed in a controlled environment and they are virtually low in maintenance. They are quick and easy installable and made up of natural raw materials.

Benefits of interlocking paver blocks

  • A large variety of paving styles
  • Multitude of color possibilities
  • Create your own design
  • Low cost, low maintenance
  • High life expectancy
  • No cracking

  • Much stronger than poured concrete
  • Perfect for freeze-thaw conditions
  • Pavers move with soil conditions
  • Fast installation

Design Flexibility

All our products offer design flexibility for Interlocking Pavers. Be it hexagonal, diamond or herringbone in design, we have in house team that works on your requirement suiting all individual tastes. We create casual or formal designs for Interlocking Pavers based on your style, color and type of use.


Whether you’re looking to increase your home’s appeal or planning to design a peaceful getaway outside, We are here to assist. All our products are versatile in terms of design, quality and service and our team is here for you to achieve a custom space that compliments your application.


Alfa Trading offers the highest-quality products and installs these products in conformance along with its installation quality specifications. We are confident that you will be delighted with the quality of the workmanship that we offer you with the durability of no sink and no shift. All our products can withstand being walked and driven on without buckling.

Style and Color

There is something classic when it comes to Interlocking paver designs and style. They can be nicely manicured and installed to your lawn space without much hassle. They come in different styles and color, making your place welcoming just like the way you wanted it to be.


Installation Cost for concrete paver are minimal in comparison to other types of pavers. The paver made up of concrete offer a long term economical alternative.


Interlocking paver are not only easy to repair, but the likelihood of them being damaged is pretty slim. The chance of cracking is very rare as each unit has joints that allow movement.We believe that there’s no better time to transform your outdoors into the ultimate entertaining and stylish space using our Pavers Interlocks.